Jenlyn Thawsley, Author

I've written more than a dozen novels that tell love stories and I write essays about empathy, feminism, anxiety, writing, and love in various forms. I could be the walrus...

About Me and Writing

About three years ago, I self-published my first novel, after holding onto it for almost seven years. And I’ve since released a lot more words.

I had previously found a home on another blogging platform, but I figured it was time to get my own author page to expand, and maybe find a wider audience for my writing.

So here’s a bit about me. I’m a devoted wife and stay at home parent, a dog lover, an intersectional feminist, and a writer. I write about being all of these things in blog/essay format on occasion. I write about relationships. I write fictional love stories. I have moderate social anxiety that’s (so far) manageable, but has gotten in the way before, and sometimes I write about that too. And I’m in my 40s now…so there’s that.

I thrive seeing other people happy and like being a part of adding to someone else’s hope and faith in humanity whenever I can. I write about empathy and kindness. I hope anyone who reads the things I write enjoys them, but if they don’t, I hope they are kind. So far, I’ve written and self-published more than a dozen novels in addition to the original short fiction available here on the web page, and I’m always working on more. I try to write here often and regularly, and I mostly succeed at that.
I’m wordy. Be warned.

Contact me at my contact email for access to password protected posts. Some of my posts are on the private side and *may* contain material not suitable for work. That’s why those posts are protected.
My fictional work for sale can be found at, here…


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